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Running, Bike, and Swim Pace Calculators. Designed to Help You Understand Your Potential and Achieve Your Endurance Goals.

Why Calcs Matter

Are you a runner, cyclist, or swimmer?


Do you want to understand your potential times and achieve your goals?


If so, then these calculators are designed for you. 

These calculators are designed to help you calculate your potential times based on your current fitness level, goals, and the distance you are running, cycling, or swimming. They can be used to help you:

  • Establish a stronger understanding of your potential

  • Create training plans that are tailored to your goals

  • Stay motivated and on track

  • Be realistic with your endurance goals

All calculators are accurate and easy to use. Simply select either a preset distance or a custom distance of your choosing, then enter your goal pace of goal time, and it will instantly give you the missing variables. We've included standard run race distances in the preset drop-down, as well as sprint, olympic, half, and full triathlon distances (including 70.3 and Full Ironmans). 

Now that you know your pace, it's time to work.

Check out our live race calendar page here.

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