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Our Story

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Talking the talk...
and walking the walk

Keep The Pace Founder Story

We have over 30 years of combined fitness experience between personal strength training, group fitness, and of course, run coaching. More importantly, we live and breathe what we preach through daily practice for our own fitness goals. 

Bethany completed her first 100-mile race in 2022, while Alex and myself (Kyle) have been bit by the triathlon bug - completing 6 olympic and half-ironman distance races in the last 12 months. 

The best part? We're all best friends, and are obsessed with helping individuals reach their potential.  When one of us coaches you, you're really getting all 3 because of how closely we work together, and love being a part of everyone's journey. 

Like I love to say, 'we don't do this because we have to, we do this because we get to.' And we can't wait to train with you!

- Kyle 

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