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"I am the best runner I've ever been because of my work with Bethany and KTP"


I am the best runner I've ever been because of my work with Bethany and KTP. Bethany's training plan kept me engaged with a variety of thoughtful workouts and conscious rest days. She helped with my mobility/stretch routine to support my running, focused strength workouts to support my goals, and of course a variety of different types of running workouts to ultimately help me become the best runner I've ever been. I hit my race goal, but more importantly become a better runner and human from this experience.


I never really thought that training with KTP would be so effective and impactful. I was kinda skeptical up until the race day about how the training was going to help me end the race without any major injuries or cramps (It happened in my last half marathon). But Bethany's training plan absolutely worked!! I shaved off 15 freaking mins from my last HM!! And I felt great after the race (no injuries, cramps).
I honestly believe Bethany is the best, most supportive, and highly self motivated run coach you will ever find in NYC! And this is not an exaggeration. She would push you just enough so that you realize your true potential without getting any major injuries.
With KTP, I also enjoyed their group runs over the weekends. I loved that the miles just go by when you have 7-10 people to chat with. Makes your longer runs that much more fun and exciting. So, I'd highly recommend anyone to join KTP if you're planning to run a marathon or half-marathon.


I would not have crossed the finish line on Sunday had it not been for Bethany & KTP. Not because of the training (which goes without saying is absolutely necessary & so spot on) but because of the way Bethany flexed the training program when injuries started to happen.

I played sports my whole life and both my parents were semi-professional athletes: pushing my body to work as hard as possible has never been a mystery to me. But no coach I’ve worked with has had as much regard for the consequences of wearing your body down like Bethany had. The constant communication, the flexibility when my legs just couldn’t do it, the willingness to let me rest when necessary: all of these are the reason why I crossed the finish line! She was a joy to work with and the community KTP has built is so inclusive and positive, I truly can’t wait to run my next race with this team. I cannot thank her enough for all the help and support! Here’s to many, many more miles together!


Training with Keep the Pace has been an incredible experience!!! The training plans are super structured and easy to follow, and the coaches are with you every step of the way to answer questions, provide encouragement, and hold you accountable. Throughout my training cycles I have felt challenged yet extremely rewarded with the results. I've learned SO much about pacing & have PR'ed in my half marathon, and completed my first marathon after training with Keep the Pace. Looking forward to many more races with Keep the Pace to come!!!


So excited to have found my *forever* running crew at Keep the Pace! All of the coaches here are incredibly knowledgeable and supportive, and know exactly how to generate the perfect race-day plan no matter your skill level. I immediately felt the benefits of having a structured and varied training, and this really helped me stay focused and accountable in the weeks leading up to my races. Outside the physical aspects of your training, the support of the coaches and the other runners has also been invaluable to me. It really helps having a community to ask questions, share experiences, and joke around with while you’re running the hard yards (who am I kidding… miles!). Whether you’re a seasoned runner looking to improve, or you’re someone who thinks “I cannot run to save my life” - I promise, you’ll be very surprised at what you’re capable of and how much fun you’ll have along the way when you sign up at KTP!


Bethany was an incredible coach to train with. I needed a quick 6 week program when I signed up for a marathon last minute and the program not only built my stamina but my confidence to run the 26.2 miles in a short time frame. By the end of the program I looked forward to my interval and hill runs and the day of the marathon I felt incredibly strong! I ran my first marathon with a keep up with the pace program and plan to use them for the next! Thank you Bethany!


Training with Bethany was the best!!!!! After signing up for the nyc marathon i had immediate regret/panic/terror about what the next 5 months would entail but i had the best time ever! i loooove training and watching myself progress physically & emotionally. race day was awesome but the structure of a training plan and a reliable coach who answers all your questions is even awesome-er. i loved it so much, i'm going back for more and running my first ultra this spring!!


Prior to KTP I absolutely hated running and struggled completing one mile. Bethany provided me with the support, accountability, and training plan I needed. My first run on her program I just had to get through a 30 min easy run, i just barely ran over 2 miles.

Yesterday I ran my second half marathon in one month and averaged 8:42/mile for it! While, sure I did the work, it was ALL BETHANY that kept me motivated, followed up with me consistently, an truly made me fall in love with running! Trust me, if you trust the program you have no choice but to succeed with KTP! THANK YOU BETHANY!!


Bethany set up a training plan that worked with my schedule. She made sure that I got the work in that I needed and was always extremely responsive and helped to change my training plan whenever needed. Signing up for this training was a great decision.


KTP run club was my saving grace throughout this process. I not only received a well thought out, practical and effective program to train but it was also personalized for my needs and where I was in my journey. Bethany was always readily available to help adapt the program, answer questions, and give me all of the solid advice I needed. I will be forever grateful and can not recommend KTP enough! The coaching, the community, it is one of a kind.


Bethany always held me accountable and connected with me 1:1 to consult about my goals. Great program!

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