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Keep The 

New York City's Best Personalized Run Coaching Experience.
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You were born to run.

Keep The Pace Run Club is an inclusive, all-levels community where expert coaches provide personalized run training plans to help you become the runner you were born to be. 

Why you'll love 
Keep The Pace

Personalized Training Plans

Experienced and certified run coaches

Community runs

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Better Run Coaching

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Personalized Program

We utilized Final Surge, a run software to plan every training session you have. So you don't have to think at all - we do the heavy lifting and planning, and you just show up and sweat :)

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On Demand Workouts

Traveling? Work get in the way? Workout with Beth anytime, anywhere, no matter what life throws in your way.  The on demand library has tons of videos for you to choose from. 

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Group Runs

All fitness levels are welcome to our community runs where our members get to meet IRL and get their runs in at the same time. All you have to do is show up and we'll take care of the rest. 

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